Blast Through Wellness Blocks, Banish Stress, Boost Your Energy & Eat for Your Body Type

"I just wanted to let you know I love ❀️ the program I’m half way through module 2 and will start my worksheets today!! I’m gonna be a new woman after this!!! You're really helping to not only to improve our well being but prolong our lives with this information!!πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ"

-Kim M.

In the Wellness Blueprint, previous participants have experienced wellness transformation such as:

  • Decreased frequency of migraines

  • Improvement of menstrual cycles

  • Knowing how to circumvent cravings with less cravings all together

  • Using their authentic voice to reduce shoulder tension

  • Less impact of chronic stress on the body

  • Better digestion

And more...


πŸ‘‹πŸΎ Let's chat about you for a moment...

My guess is that health is a high priority for you.

Eating healthy, maintaining vitality, staying positive and knowing you can count on your body to function the way it should is of great importantance right?

"My body and life have changed and I'm not sure how to feel my best anymore."

"What self care? I'm a mom."

"I'm married to my work and lost track of taking care of myself."

"Eastern wellness could be a great tool but I need to learn more about it and how to apply it to my life."

"I already feel good but could benefit from upleveling my wellness." 


Are you lost finding your way back to wellness and need some help getting out of survival mode? 

πŸ‘‰πŸΎ You likely don't have a flushed out personal wellness blueprint that has taken into consideration your lifestyle, health needs, wants and goals


"In the Wellness Blueprint, I was able to find balance and get my power back. The sacral and the solar plexus power centers were my favorite, both interesting and informative. I loved how you mentioned what foods to eat to improve these centers and what foods to enjoy. The live sessions on Facebook were also great, you were able to explain more. I had A LOT of β€œAh ha” moments during the live sessions."

  • Enhanced energy

  • Smooth flow of hormones

  • Improved digestion

  • Awareness of blocks that get in the way of your vitality

  • Stress management

  • Managed inflammation

    ...AND MORE!

In the course, you'll get my 7 Power Center secrets:

You'll be coached through each Power Center module and we'll breakdown the following topics:


Common health challenge

Eastern medicine based nutrition

"Dr. Lisa has been my light at the end of my health journey tunnel. Her commitment to viewing us as a whole person (mind, body and soul) rather than a number is so refreshing. "

-Akilah W.

Let me tell you a bit about my wellness and professional journey

Hi! I’m Dr. Lisa Upshaw, a holistic health practitioner- chiropractor by trade and practicing acupuncturist. In 2001, I received my first acupuncture session for asthma. Having grown up with respiratory challenges, I tried every conventional treatment under the sun.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) gave me relief like never before. Since it worked so well for asthma, I decided to seek treatment for uterine fibroids. After a series of sessions, for the first time in a long time my cycle was regulated and symptoms related to fibroids improved. I soon after knew that sharing what worked for my health and wellness was part of my personal mission.

Though I love TCM, I discovered that working with the body's power centers (aka chakras) would help get to the root of health issues. I was my very own first patient and since then I've worked with hundreds, blending the best of science with Eastern wellness for optimal vitality.

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Here's exactly what you'll learn

A video library of curriculum for the 7 Power Centers ($3500 value)

1: Reclaiming Your Energy

-Chakra insights

-Handling burnout, fatigue & stress

-Immune system reboot

-Joint, muscle & bone health

-Eastern medicine based nutritional support

 -Recipes that benefit your foundation


2: Let it Flow (Women’s Health)

Chakra insights

-Women’s reproductive wellness

-Hips & low back

-Eastern medicine based nutritional support

-Recipes that benefit women's health


3: Digest Life

-Chakra insights

-Core strength

-Digestion, food allergies and leaky gut

-Eastern medicine based nutritional support

-Recipes that benefit digestion


4: Heart Healing

-Chakra insights

-Breath & heart


-Eastern medicine based nutritional support

-Recipes that support the ability to keep the chest space open


5: Communicate Truth

-Chakra insights

-Throat, neck, jaw, shoulders

-Thyroid wellness

-Eastern medicine based nutritional support

-Recipes that support speaking with clarity


6: Seeing the Dream

-Chakra insights



-Eastern medicine based nutritional support

-Recipes that benefit your ability to rest


7: Faith

-Chakra insights


-Headaches and neurological wellness

-Eastern medicine based nutritional support

-Recipes that support neurological wellness



Plus Bonuses (over $1900 value)

#1 Group coaching- private forum to discuss, share and support via our Facebook private group (value: $397)

#2 Over 14 worksheets and cheat sheets for affirmation creation, nutrition, balancing activities and more (value: $447)

#3 Direct message access to Dr. Lisa for 8 weeks when stuck on a Wellness Formula topic and/or needing additional guidance (value: $437)

#4 Zoom chat workshops for accountability on worksheet completion ($597)

What to expect

  • Group start date is 5/20/19 and runs for 9 weeks.  The Power Center's curriculum for the week is released each Monday at 6a, PST.
  • We'll spend a week on each power center with 1 week for catch up after "Let it Flow" and "Communicate Truth".
  • Weekly Facebook Live videos in our private Facebook group are to review, discuss, share and support.  Time and day of the week TBA.
  • 2 Zoom workshop sessions for worksheet completion.
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" She has opened my eyes to the ways of Eastern medicine. Her knowledge of the mind/body/spirit connection is inspiring and impressive. Working with Dr. Lisa is like dealing with a trusted friend. "

-Lisa B.

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